Daytrading Statistics

Premium Report for FDAX Futures

FDAX Daytrading Statistics

The essential toolkit for any professional Daytrader! Statistics covering Initial Balance, Range Extensions, Overnight statistics, Volume, 1 Min Rotations, and more – are all covered in this Premium Report. 

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Initial Balance

  • Initial Balance break out probabilities
  • Historical Probabilities
  • IB Range Distribution Chart
  • Range Statistics: Average, Mode and more
Initial Balance

Range Extension

  • Historical Probabilities
  • Range Distribution Charts for Up & Down Extensions
  • Range Statistics: Average, Mode and more

Opening Stats

  • Opening compared to Prior session: Gap up, Gap down, in range
  • Opening compared to Prior Session Value Area: Above, below and in Value.
  • Statistics For each scenario: Probabilities to test prior session VPOC, VAH, VAL, Session High & Session Low

Harmonic Rotations

  • Range Distribution Charts for Up & Down Rotations
  • Rotation Statistics: Average, Mode, Std Deviation and more

And Many More...

Session Range

Session Range Distribution Chart and important stats like Average, Mode, Std Deviation and more

Session Close

We evaluate the historical probabilities of the close compared to the Initial Balance and Mid, taking in to account the Day Types.

Initial Balance

Day Types

Historical Probabilities for Normal, Normal Variation, Trend and Neutral Days. Calculated across all data and for each weekday!


Evaluation of the historical probabilities surrounding Overnight reference points like the High & Low


Distribution Statistics for Session and Overnight Volume

Discover Your Next Edge

Our analysis provides an answer to important questions like:

1. How often do we have a Trend day?

2. In case of a Gap Up, what are the probabilities of testing prior session price levels like, VPOC, Value Area High, … ?

3. What is an average Initial Balance Range? And how is this distributed?

4. What are the 1 Minute Rotations looking like, what is considered a normal rotation? Is there a difference for up and down rotations?

5. When we break the Initial Balance, How far do we typically go? What is an average Range Extension, and how are they distributed?

6. and many more…!

 You get:

  • Over 30 Pages
  • More than 100 Statistics
  • Clear Charts to illustrate and explain the Statistics
  • Created using 3 years of minute data (until December 2018)

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