Gaps & Untested Levels Indicator for NT8

$ 49,00

Discover trading’s hidden insights with the Gaps & Untested Levels indicator! Enhance your strategy, track key levels, gaps and identify market opportunities seamlessly.

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Unveiling the Secrets of Trading with the Gaps & Untested Levels Indicator!

When trading, it’s those overlooked gaps and levels that can make all the difference. What if you had an ally that ensures you never miss out?

Why Traders Love This:

  1. Spot Key Levels Instantly: Navigate the market with ease by identifying crucial support and resistance zones.
  2. Detect Weak Points: Unearth “weak” highs and lows in real-time, a game-changer for spotting double bottoms/tops.
  3. Stay Ahead with Gap Fills: Recognize gap fills trades effortlessly.
  4. Save Precious Time: Bid farewell to manual tracking. Get consistent, automatic updates on untested levels.
  5. Flexible Use: Perfect for ETH/24h, RTH, or Daily charts. Have a look at our screenshots to see it in action! And download the indicator to test it with a free 2 week trial.

What It Tracks:

  • Gaps from the current open to prior sessions close and/or the prior session range.
  • Untested highs, lows, opens, and closes from previous sessions.

Unlock Your Trading Potential: At ChartSpots, we’re all about empowering traders. Dive deep into advanced statistics, elevate your strategies, and enjoy the support of experts every step of the way. With our clear pricing and dedicated support, you’re in good hands.

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