Break Even Indicator for NT 8

$ 49,00

Unlock longer trade holds with the Break Even indicator! Visualize profit dynamics and boost your trading confidence for both long and short positions.

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Experience a game-changer in your trading strategy with the Break Even indicator. Designed to cater to both beginners and pro traders, this indicator intelligently calculates profits taken into the average price of your remaining position. Watch the Break Even line seamlessly move away from the price point, giving you an unrivaled edge and renewed confidence to hold onto trades longer. Perfect for both long & short positions!

What sets it apart?:

  1. Real-time Insight: The Break Even line is dynamic and only displays for trades during the ongoing NinjaTrader Session.
  2. Pure Data: Our indicator won’t interfere with your orders, and commissions aren’t factored into the calculations. You’re getting pure, unaltered insights.
  3. Easy Set-Up: Enter and manage your trade using Chart Trader, DOM, and more. Just add the BreakEven indicator on your chart, pick your account in the indicator settings – be it Sim101, Playback101, or your real account. For visualization, activate Chart Trader for the same account. And if you don’t always use Chart Trader? Simply opt for “Chart Trader (Hidden)” from your chart’s menu. Check our handy screenshot below for a quick guide!

Why is this the tool for you? Because at ChartSpots, we’re committed to unlocking your ultimate trading potential. Dive deep into data-driven decision-making, optimize your strategies, and streamline your trading endeavors. Plus, with our transparent pricing, dedicated support, and a FREE 2-week trial, there’s nothing holding you back. Revolutionize your trading today. Discover, trade, and thrive with ChartSpots.

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