Market Mastery Masterclass

6-Week Transformation for Traders

Master the art of emotional control and strategic discipline with the Market Mastery Masterclass, equipping you with the methods and tools to become a disciplined trader. Dive deep into crafting robust trading strategies that navigate the emotional challenges of the market, laying the groundwork for your trading journey.

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Master Your Emotions
Become a Disciplined Trader
Learn to Craft Strategies

Your Transformation Roadmap


Master The Psychological Dynamics in Trading

Unlock the psychological foundations of successful trading to master emotional control and harness the mental strategies of top traders.


Managing Expectations

Learn to set realistic trading goals and how expectations impact trading performance. Align your expectations with market realities, paving the way for a sustainable trading journey.

eliminating emotional risk

Eliminate Emotional Risk

Gain tools and techniques to identify and manage emotional responses, ensuring they don't undermine your trading decisions.

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Working with your Beliefs

Transform limiting beliefs into empowering convictions that support your trading strategy and enhance decision-making confidence.

Trader Outline

Thinking Like a Trader

Develop a disciplined trading routine, fostering consistency and resilience in your trading practice through proven methods and habits.


Crafting Strategies with a Statistical Edge

Craft robust trading strategies using statistical analysis and market insights to identify opportunities and manage risk effectively.

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How You'll Learn


Mindful Market Mastery
5 Transformative Trader Meditations

Designed to enhance your focus, reduce stress, and align your mindset to the market reality.

Trader's Zen Focus
Instant Mindful Awareness Meditation

Unlock the power of presence, a quick and effective tool to sharpen your focus and cultivate a calm, centered trading mindset.

Morning Market Calm
Trader's Pre-Trade Deep Breathing Session

Start your trading day grounded and clear-headed with a deep breathing session tailored to reduce pre-market anxiety and enhance decision-making clarity.

Trading Success Framework
Your Guide to Goals, Rules & Daily Routines

Equip yourself with a structured approach to setting achievable goals, establishing clear trading rules, and crafting effective daily routines for sustainable trading journey.

Breaking Barriers in Trading
Overcoming Beliefs with Core Truths Manual

Transform limiting beliefs into empowering truths with this manual, offering practical steps to overcome mental barriers and unlock your full trading potential.

Trading Strategy Analyzer
Your Ultimate Strategy Testing Template

Streamline your strategy evaluation process with this comprehensive template, designed to simplify testing and optimize your trading approach for better results.

Effortless Trade Tracker
Daily Trading Journal for Insight & Growth

Seamlessly document your trades and gain valuable insights into your trading habits and performance, fostering growth with each entry

Our Trader Transformation Guarantee

Complete our comprehensive course and put the insights and methods to work. Should you not feel a significant increase in your trading discipline, we’ve got your back with a free personalized coaching session. This guarantee is our promise to you – that we’re dedicated to not just educating, but also empowering you with the discipline needed for your trading journey.

Meet Your Instructor

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Dive deep into the world of trading with Kevin, the visionary founder of Chart Spots, who has been navigating the financial markets with precision since 2016. Bringing a rich background in IT and business consulting that spans over a decade since 2006, Kevin masterfully blends his technical acumen with his extensive real-world trading experience.

In 2017, Kevin embarked on a mission to revolutionize the trading landscape by creating ChartSpots. His goal? To arm traders of all experience levels with data-driven tools and insights, equipping them for success in the dynamic world of trading.

This masterclass is the culmination of Kevin's years of dedication and hard work in the trading sphere. It encapsulates everything he learned the hard way—through trial and error, the innovative tools he personally developed, and the proven methods he follows. Designed with both passion and precision, this masterclass is the resource Kevin wishes he had when he first stepped into trading. Join Kevin on this transformative journey, and leverage his wealth of knowledge to accelerate your own path to trading mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions

This masterclass is meticulously designed to provide you with the practical tools, strategies, and insights necessary for enhancing your trading skills. While we are dedicated to offering high-quality education aimed at improving your performance, it’s important to note that individual results can vary greatly due to a number of factors, including market conditions and personal commitment. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and skills for informed trading decisions.

Unlike generic courses, this masterclass is a synthesis of Kevin’s real-world trading experience, technical know-how, and the data-driven tools from ChartSpots. It’s personalized, updated, and based on what truly works in the market.

We understand your time is valuable. The masterclass is designed for flexibility, allowing you to progress at your own pace with on-demand videos and resources, making it feasible to fit into even the busiest schedules.

This masterclass caters to a wide range of experience levels. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your disciplined approach or strategies, the course is structured to provide value at every stage of your trading journey.

A significant portion of the masterclass is dedicated to mastering emotional control and developing a disciplined trading approach, offering strategies to manage emotions and make informed decisions.

Yes, once you enroll in the masterclass, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit the content and refresh your skills at any time.

Unlike scattered and often unreliable free resources, this masterclass offers a structured, comprehensive curriculum designed by a seasoned trader. It provides personalized support, proven strategies, ensuring a more coherent and effective learning experience.

The masterclass is built on Kevin’s practical trading experience and the effective use of data-driven tools from ChartSpots. Every concept, tool, and strategy has been tested in real-market conditions, ensuring you learn practical, applicable skills.

The tools and strategies we provide are grounded in real-world trading experience and designed for practical application. While the effectiveness of any tool or strategy can vary, we focus on offering versatile resources that can be adapted to your individual trading style.

One of the key focuses of the course is on risk management and emotional resilience to help you handle losses more effectively. While losses are a part of trading, the course aims to equip you with strategies to manage them wisely and maintain a healthy trading psychology.

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