Divergent Bars

$ 49,00

Elevate your trading game with the Divergent Bars indicator for NinjaTrader 8, harnessing Bill Williams’ algorithm. Detect bullish & bearish shifts instantly with intuitive alerts.

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Step into the future of trading with ChartSpots’ Divergent Bars indicator, meticulously crafted based on the proven algorithm of Bill Williams for the NinjaTrader 8 platform. Here’s how this game-changing tool will transform your trading journey:

  1. Spot Potential Market Shifts: Bullish and Bearish Divergent Bars give you a heads up
    • Bullish Divergent Bar (Green):
      • Signals a potential trend switch from Bearish to Bullish
      • The divergent bar has a lower low than the previous bar, but closes in the upper half of the candle.
    • Bearish Divergent Bar (Red):
      • Signals a potential trend switch from Bullish to Bearish
      • The divergent bar has a higher high than the previous bar, but closes in the lower half of the candle.
  2. Stay Alert: Never miss a beat with our sound alerts for both Bullish & Bearish Divergent Bars. Make timely moves and capitalize on those crucial moments.
  3. Optimized for All: Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, this indicator integrates perfectly into your trading arsenal.


Unlock the next level of your trading potential. Dive into the rich insights the Divergent Bars indicator offers, and uncover those lucrative trading opportunities that might’ve previously slipped through. And the best part? Experience it all with a FREE 2-week trial. Start optimizing, strategizing, and reaping the rewards. Your next trade is just an alert away!

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