Gaps & Untested Levels Indicator

NinjaTrader 8 Indicator for Gaps & Prior day levels

The Gaps & Untested Levels indicator keeps track of Gaps based on the prior session range or the prior session close. It can also track untested High of Session, Low Of Session, Open & Close. The Gap or Level will stop when it is tested during a following day.

This makes it easy to define support & resistance zones, and detect “weak” lows easily. Never lose track of a gap that the market left behind!

Add to any intra-day Extended Trading Hours (ETH / 24h), Regular Trading Hours (RTH) or Daily chart! Check the screenshots below for more examples.

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Gaps & Untested Levels

Indicator for NinjaTrader 8
$ 49 Lifetime License
  • Gaps
  • High / Low / Open / Close
  • Configurable Session Timeframe
  • Text Labels

2 Week Trial / No Payment / No Questions Asked.

Indicator Features

Session Time

Configure the session time frame

Choose Levels

Pick the levels you want to track: Gaps, High, Low, Open, Close

Text Labels

Print labels on the chart that include the Date & Price level for easy identification


Choose the colors, plots and gap shading color to fit your charts

Screenshot Gallery

Product Description

The Gaps & Untested Levels indicator keeps track of Levels that have not been retested in a session after they were created.

Key Benefits for the professional intra-day trader:

  • Track important support and resistance levels easily
  • Detect Time-framing up / down
  • Notice “weak” Highs / Lows immediately (=double bottom / top)
  • Gap Fill trades
  • No longer keep track of these levels manually, save time and gain consistency!

The indicator can track:

    • Gaps – current open compared to prior session range
    • Gaps – current open compared to prior session close
    • Prior Highs of Session
    • Prior Lows of Session
    • Prior Opens of Session
    • Prior Closes of Session

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