VWAP Indicators now support custom text labels

Our Anchored VWAP and VWAP Session / Weekly / Monthly indicators now come with the ability to add a text label that’s fully customizable. Want to keep track of specific trades or market events? Now you can, with the freedom to choose your label text, font, and color. It’s all about making your trading experience as tailored and seamless as possible.


VWAP Anchored with custom text label support
VWAP Session / Weekly / Monthly with custom label support
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About the Author

Kevin is the founder of Chart Spots and has been active in the financial markets since 2016. With a background in IT and business consulting that dates back to 2006, he combines technical expertise with real-world trading experience. Kevin founded ChartSpots in 2017 to provide data-driven tools and insights that empower traders at all levels.